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The Brooklynajays brand began with a love of the Jordan 1 way back in 1985, when I was in junior high. The white, red, and black color combination was CRAZY, and a real departure from my previous wears, like white and black Shell-Top Adidas, or the burgundy Suede Pumas that I rocked with pride in Brooklyn. When I wore those AJ1's to school for the first time, I vividly remember kids staring at my feet in shock. They were the most comfortable, high-tech, and "freshest" shoes out!

Over the course of the next 10 years I purchased and wore-to-death almost every Jordan Sneaker released. There was almost nothing better than "rolling up" to the park or the corner to show the boys the latest Jordan Kicks. In our Brooklyn neighborhood, we called them "AJAYS." Back in the 1980's, the "sneaker head" was a rare breed, but I was hooked.

When Nike began the retro movement, it was a thrill for me, an OG Sneaker head, to be able to again purchase and wear the shoes from my childhood that I loved so much. I even bought a pair or two or retros that were a ½ size too small, because they were sold out in my size.—I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. That's when the Brooklynajays story transitions from collector to re-seller.

In 2001, a close friend was annoying me with his constant eBay talk: about how he keeps selling junk from his mother's basement on eBay. One day, armed with his digital camera, he took a photo of a pair of 1999 Jordan 4 Retros that were sitting in my closet in ALMOST brand-new condition.—they were one of those pairs that were really never worn, because they were too small for me. They sold on eBay for $385 in used shape with no box! An after doing some research, I realized that the sale price was a bargain at the time.

The next day, I ran around Brooklyn buying up all of the Retro Jordan's I could get my hands on so I could re-sell them on eBay to both make a profit and spread some sneaker-head love throughout the rest of the country. At the time, Brooklyn was home to hundreds of mom & pop sneaker shops that always had some stockpile of very desirable Jordans, Air Force 1's, or Air Max's, that would sell in a heartbeat somewhere else in the world. I was in the unique position of doing the stores a favor in buying up some of the leftovers, very often at bargain pricing, selling those leftovers on eBay for market price (some sold at or below retail), making a fellow sneaker head very happy and making a modest profit for myself in the process. Before long, I amassed a stockpile of hard-to-find Jordans, Air Force 1's, and other heat that I would collect for myself, sell to friends locally, or auction-off to my growing following on eBay.

The Brooklynajays eBay store opened up in 2003 and quickly became a trusted place for sneaker heads to buy AUTHENTIC Jordans and other limited edition kicks not available in some markets throughout the world. The sneakers were ALWAYS authentic, clean, and shipped fast….something that was and still can be a rarity on eBay.

Finding gems in stores throughout the NY area and beyond has always been fun and often lucrative. The re-selling hobby or side-gig was a fun compliment to my stressful real estate career. After 10 years of successful eBay sales I decided it was time to be my own boss and follow my passion for buying and selling sneakers. In 2013 was launched to give our loyal customers and new customers an alternative to buying on eBay. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industry, and ability to find the latest and hottest kicks for you to enjoy.


We are a small boutique-style operation that offers the hottest and very often, hardest to find sneakers in the world. Buying sneakers in and around the famous borough of Brooklyn, has always been fun and exciting for our team. We truly enjoy opening up a box of fresh kicks! Our goal is to bring that flavor to you via our website.

All of our products are guaranteed to be 100% authentic and carefully described to give you the best shopping experience possible. Great products are only half the battle in this competitive marketplace, which is why we offer industry-leading customer service. Our orders are packed carefully and shipped quickly by our sneakerhead team who is here for you to answer questions and make your shopping experience a pleasurable one.

Us Brooklynites tend to be very loyal. We understand that if you "do the right thing" that loyalty can last a lifetime. We have successfully built that relationship with thousands of our customers over the past decade and hope to build that loyal relationship with you.

Don't wait on line……….shop online with BROOKLYNAJAYS!!